Award Winning Service

At AVB, we are focused on providing the best possible service to you, our clients. This client-focus has led to AVB winning several awards and being recognized for the high level of service we provide. In fact, our surveys tell us nearly 95% of our customers are completely satisfied with their experience with AVB and four out of five actively promote AVB to their friends and others who need construction expertise.

Our experienced and talented construction professionals provide you with a wide range of support in the planning and construction of complex projects. We deliver projects using either the Construction Manager, Design-Builder or General Contractor methodology, depending on your preference. Click one of the links below to learn more about how we can help you Build Something Better!

Ask Us About It

If you have a question about your project or any construction question at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

AVB is focused on providing you with the best possible service. Our Goal: To make you a long-term satisfied client.

Planning & Preconstruction

The planning phase of any project is critical to its overall success.

It is during the planning and preconstruction process the AVB professionals have the greatest opportunity to deliver value to your project by helping you make well-informed, confident decisions about exactly what your project will be.  We will team with you and the design consultants to evaluate your options, help you understand the impact of your choices, and develop the best possible plan to achieve your goals.

Services Include:

  • Facility assessments to understand your needs
  • Accurate project estimating at all stages of design
  • Value management services to ensure maximum value
  • Bond Campaign assistance to help get your message out
  • Municipal approval and permit coordination assistance
  • Project scheduling
  • Site safety and logistics planning
  • Constructability reviews
  • Bidder solicitation and bid marketing
  • Pro forma projections
  • Service


Arcadia Ales  Brewing Company  - Kalamazoo, MI

Arcadia Ales Brewing Company  - Kalamazoo, MI

Environmental Sustainability

AVB’s heritage as an environmentally-conscious builder naturally leads to producing environmentally-friendly and sustainable buildings.

Many of AVB’s staff are LEED® accredited professionals and members of the U.S. Green Building Council. We are also experienced with the Green Globes® rating system. Our teams manage the construction of LEED® certified buildings. In addition, we have worked with clients while designing and constructing geo-thermal heating and cooling systems, storm water treatment rain gardens, wetlands mitigation approaches and stream reconstruction and restoration projects. Conscientious best practices such as waste recycling and erosion mitigation are implemented on jobsites to promote energy savings, sustainable building, and site conservation.

We ensure minimal environmental impact through:

  • Storm water management to protect local watersheds
  • Construction waste recycling to reduce landfilled material
  • Maximize reuse of existing materials to reduce waste
  • Locally sourced materials to reduce transportation
  • Appropriate handling of any hazardous materials to reduce exposures
  • Embracing the use of technology to reduce paper
  • Cost-benefit analysis and life cycle analysis of energy efficient upgrades to save long term
  • Minimize construction site footprint to protect adjacent plantings, wildlife and infrastructure
  • Continual focus on industry best practices to further sustainability


Consumers Credit Union - Corner@Drake in Kalamazoo, MI

Consumers Credit Union - Corner@Drake in Kalamazoo, MI

Construction Execution

Our team members love construction, and this is the heart of it.

Construction execution is where we get to do the really fun stuff – constructing your new building! AVB team members are experts in overseeing construction work and ensuring your facility is built to the highest standards in the most efficient way possible. We do this through close coordination of trade contractors and suppliers, working in harmony with your staff and design partners and setting the high bar of excellence for every segment of the construction process and team.

Our project teams will help you achieve your facility goals through:

  • Trade contractor bid package development and bid management
  • Post-bid interviews and award recommendations
  • Contract and insurance documentation
  • Professional on-site supervision
  • Schedule control
  • Budget control
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Meeting coordination and management
  • Web-based document management via AVB Procore™ CloudShare
  • Professional project accounting and reporting
  • Customer service


Kalamazoo Courthouse - Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo Courthouse - Kalamazoo, MI

Occupancy & Service

You will always remember how we finish.

At AVB we know how important it is to finish the job properly and to ensure a smooth move-in, occupancy and follow-up for our clients. Because we focus on maintaining a high level of service at this critical stage, our customers recommend us over and over again. In fact, we offer a two year building warranty – twice the industry standard – to prove this commitment. We then continue to support our clients long after you have occupied your building. That is the kind of service we love to receive, so we make sure we provide it to you.

During this phase we provide:

  • Building systems and equipment training
  • Owner furnishings and technology vendor coordination
  • Move-in coordination
  • Warranty coordination – for all components of the building
  • One and two year walk through inspections
  • 24 hour customer service



Georgia Heights  mixed-use student housing - Athens, GA

Georgia Heights mixed-use student housing - Athens, GA

Owner’s Representative

AVB is uniquely positioned to serve clients in need of an Owner’s Representative.

AVB has the in-house expertise to confidently undertake and manage the planning, design and construction of complex building projects.  With our wide range of experience performing this effort for our own and our clients' development and construction projects, we are able to provide you with the services required to ensure your project is smoothly and efficiently executed.   Further, we fully understand our fiduciary responsibility to always act in the best interest of our clients in the performance of the work.

Services include:

  • Feasibility planning
  • Project entitlement
  • Coordination with local municipalities
  • Developing project financial pro forma and cash flow analysis
  • Management of overall program budgets
  • Soliciting and negotiating design contracts
  • Soliciting and negotiating construction contracts
  • Managing GMP contract terms and contingency application
  • Reviewing and approving pay applications and change orders
  • Monitoring project schedule adherence
  • Occupancy coordination


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