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The AVB Difference

We bring the following three unique value propositions to every project.


Owners Perspective

We build projects for the toughest customer of all, ourselves. This first-hand owner experience gives us the ability to truly step into your shoes and see the importance of staying on budget, staying on schedule, and ensuring long lasting quality, from your perspective. We will treat your project like it is our own, act in your best interest and guide you through decisions as if we are spending our own money.

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Consistent Team

We assign a project manager to your project and the same project manager is assigned from the beginning of your project to the end. This ownership allows the project manager to participate in the budget and schedule formation process so the project manager can own your budget and your schedule.

Commitment After Completion

We strive to build and complete a project with the highest level of quality possible. As a new building is put into operation, there could be times when a few building systems or certain finishes need extra attention. Our goal is to complete all warranty items as soon as it is physically possible for the item to be corrected. We accomplish this by tracking the progress of each warranty item from initial contact through completion, allowing us to schedule quickly, correct conveniently, and follow-up humbly. We guarantee most minor items will be corrected within 24 hours. Further, we encourage you to call us anytime you have a question on your building, we’ll be there to answer your call and work towards a solution.


About Our Team

Over 100 Years of Collective Team Experience

AVB has substantial construction experience and expertise in every mainstream construction segment. We have assembled and developed a team focused on meeting and exceeding the goals of our exceptional clients.

Together this team has been involved in over $400,000,000 worth of projects over the last five years. While most of these projects are in Southwest Michigan, our teams have travelled to Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois and Texas during the time period.


Our talent-based team has been selected and developed by using a thorough selection and evaluation process based on our five core values. The goal is to create a team of hard working individuals who exhibit great effort levels, attitude and the ability to be a great team player. We think you will find your interactions with our team members to be fun, confidence building, encouraging, satisfying and uplifting.

Our core values, passion, and niche lead our daily approach to business and our team remains focused on the long term — growing satisfied clients, one at a time.


Our commercial construction team is led by AVB Commercial President Jack Michael. Jack brings over 35 years of experience leading construction teams on large municipal, education, medical, office, retail and industrial projects. He brings a deep commitment to meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients and to ensure our teams are properly staffed with talented individuals with the same expectations.

Project Managers

Project managers run the day to day management of your project. Andrew, Jeremy, Dan, David and Derek bring a combined 55 years of experience to your project each and every day. Each project manager’s focus is on running an efficient and effective project that meets and exceeds your highest expectations. One of the key factors to having a project that meets this expectation is excellent communication. Our project managers are highly effective communicators, and will ensure that your project benefits from the best possible project support, from pre-planning, bidding, sub-contractor selection, construction management, daily communications, pro-active problem solving all the way through close out.


Superintendents, Rick, Mark, Jeff, Ryan, Rex, Clay, Nate, Ben, Tina, and Doug run the on-site management of your project to ensure the quality you expect, which AVB is known for. Their sharp eye and excellent communications skills will allow the entire team to be as efficient and effective as possible, from ground breaking to ribbon cutting.

Estimators & Project Support

Project estimators and project engineers support our project managers. Mohanad, Wendy, Rebecca, Ben, Evan, and Dan help provide project cost information, manage requests for information, and sub-contractor and client communications. Further, our project engineers manage the AVB Procore Cloudshare system during all phases of each project.


Safety is coordinated by every member of our team. However, our manager of safety is Mr. Rex Trott. Rex inspects our projects on a regular basis as well as coordinating training sessions with MIOSHA and random but regular inspections by third party safety consultants.

Accounting Support

Our project managers, superintendents, and project engineers are supported by a seasoned team of financial professionals. These professionals, combined with the financial strength of AVB, allow for your project to run smoothly “behind the scenes”.  This includes excellent relations with all local banks. Our reports are consistently praised by our client’s financial staff. Our accounting team is managed and lead by two CPA’s and is simply focused on providing the best in financial reporting to our clients and their financial institutions.


Working to exceed your expectations, AVB team members meticulously sweat every single detail on a daily basis.

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