Development Portfolio

AVB is a leading regional real estate development firm offering expertise in both residential and commercial real estate development. Our experience includes over a billion dollars’ worth of projects in Southwest Michigan. Many of our projects have helped to shaped the course of growth in the communities in which we development. From planned developments that include a mixture of retail, housing and office space to pure residential neighborhoods, AVB’s experience and projects are unique in the market. Our projects include up-scale neighborhoods, market rate and student housing, and office retail developments that are now home to local, national and international businesses. 

AVB has worked purposefully and patiently with an intent to develop unique projects that have a focus on excellent architecture, planning and aesthetics. In addition, many of our developments are noted for their recognition of and integration with nature and the land as it exists. We take a special interest, where practicable, to develop projects that work in harmony with the existing topography and natural vegetation.

We started this work over forty-five years ago when Joe Gesmundo started his career in real estate development. Over the ensuing years, all of our projects have one thing in common, Joe’s focus, care and touch. Joe has remained disciplined and focused on creating great developments that people will appreciate every time they visit or come home. Many times this sense of place is generated without the visitor actually even consciously knowing why they enjoy our development so much.

We take pride in planning each project, from the smallest detail to the entire master plan. You will see this care in final result, the look and feel and personality of each development. What’s more, while most of our projects develop over many years, our team is capable of implementing developments on a tight timeline, and as part of a strategic, long-term plan. At AVB, our values are as real as the concrete, wood, steel and brick that built each development. Please take a moment to examine a few of our development projects and to learn about our mission, vision and values. In doing so, you will find a great mix of projects with designs and features that continue to set the standard for development in Southwest Michigan.

Our Development Experience Includes:

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